Fontana has changed from a steel town after WWII to an ideally-located transportation hub for three major Southern California freeways, two of them interstates.  With trucking now the cornerstone of industry here, Fontana residents are easily able to become part of the commercial growth in this section of San Bernardino County, or to commute quickly to locales in the surrounding counties.  Diversified business interests here and intelligent repurposing led to the former Kaiser Steel Mill becoming the Auto Club Speedway and a renovated historic theater continuing to attract audiences.  The largest of the San Bernardino County Library branches is here, as well as a large and beloved municipal park.  In the shadow of towering Mt. Jurupa runners flock to Fontana to participate in the fastest half-marathon course in the world, the Fontana Days Half Marathon.  Fontana continues to reinvent itself as its diverse population contributes to its forward-thinking and vital future.

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