Loma Linda

To simply say that Loma Linda, California, owes its existence to the health care industry would be telling only a tiny part of the story.  While it is true that Loma Linda University Medical Center and its neighbor, the Jerry L., Pettis Memorial Veterans Medical Center, are the backbones of the economy of Loma Linda, they are far more than that.  This city has become a national mecca of health and wellness, and you can see that in the number of people out and about, enjoying the town’s beautiful setting and nine developed parks, and in the diversity and international backgrounds of the residents, some who came to seek medical treatment or employment and remained for the lifestyle at “The Beautiful Hill.”  This community’s setting nestled between the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains, freeway close to both deserts and beaches, and the cultural aesthetic afforded it by the many lectures, programs and fine arts presentations offered by the university, make it the intellectual beacon with the small town vibe and serene atmosphere that is both unique and needed.

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