Redlands is a city that will make you nostalgic for Southern California’s past.  Redlands Heritage Awards consists of a very long list of Victorian and Craftsman homes, some available for touring.  The Edwards mansion, Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, and Morey Mansion, all built in the 1890s, are stellar examples of the architecture of the era.  The local heritage is also preserved at the San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands Historical Museum, Redlands Glass Museum, and Lincoln Shrine all contain artifacts and photos highlighting Inland Empire history and culture.  Fox Event Theater is nearly nine decades old and continues to host many different genres of performance.  Come to the Redlands Bowl Summer Festival and participate in the oldest continuously running free music festival in the country.  In addition, the Redlands Theatre Festival community theater productions and the Redlands Shakespeare Festival offer premier outdoor entertainment.  Year-round, the city of Redlands manages 14 public parks with various facilities on 143 acres, as well as ten trails. The University of Redlands offers its own lecture series and fine arts presentations as well. For shopping, you can’t beat Citrus Plaza, and there is even a theme park – Pharoah’s Adventure Park.  It is certainly true that Redlands is a “City That Works!”

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